Rennradtouren in der Emilia Romagna

Road bike holidays in the region Adriatic coast Road bike region Adriatic coast / Italy

The Adriatic: far more than just a beach holiday

The Adriatic coast region is home of the birthplace of road bike legend Marco Pantani: Cesenatico. Starting in the surrounding area or the cycle pro’s native home, you can explore two routes on which the pro used to enjoy training sessions.

Road cycling season, landscape & road bike tour tips

The region is very popular with cyclists because here you can train all year. The perfect seasons for a road bike holiday here are spring and autumn. The well-asphalted and almost traffic-free roads of Emilia Romagna make everything perfect. Road bikers with a good level of fitness will be looking forward to tours to neighbouring Tuscany. The ascent uphill to the 1,423 metres high Monte Carpegna is a must for all ambitious cyclists. This is known as the Holy Grail especially among Pantani fans.

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The coastal villages around Cesenatico and Rimini make this region the perfect destination for your triathlon training. Culture fans should definitely visit the region’s capital Bologna and the mini state of San Marino after a tour on their bike. San Marino has even been awarded the accolade UNESCO World Heritage site – it is definitely worth a visit.

Roadbike highlights

  • Monte Carpegna – the training mountain of Marco Pantani
  • 12-month road bike season
  • Marco Pantani Museum in Cesenatico

What does the roadbike expert say?

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Discover together with our 5 free of charge & experienced guides the same routes on which Marco Pantani used to train. Ideal for triathletes and training camps.

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Road bike hotels in the region Adriatic coast

Our road bike hotels along the Adriatic coast in Italy offer the perfect accommodation for road bike clubs, triathletes and leisure cyclists. This region is ideal for starting spring training or preparing for challenging marathons. The hosts are often passionate road bikers themselves and are happy to help you with planning your tour or provide tour tips. Road bikes are also well looked after: lockable bike storage rooms and repair corners are available.

Lungomare Bike Hotel

Lungomare Bike Hotel  Italy / Emilia Romagna / Cesenatico

Road bike tours in the region Adriatic coast

The pleasantly warm climate along the Adriatic coast in Emilia Romagna enables you to enjoy a wide range of road bike tours during an extra-long road bike season. You clock up many altitude metres in the mountains and hills of the Apennine Mountains. If you spend your road bike holiday here, then you must make plans for a tour to the Monte Carpegna, the training mountain of Marco Pantani. This road bike region also offers many tours full of variety for beginners and leisure cyclists.

Longiano - Roncofreddo - Montiano - Lungomare Bike Hotel
66 km / 652 hm
Sogliano - Lungomare Bike Hotel

Sogliano Lungomare Bike Hotel

82 km / 618 hm
Il Cippo - Auf den Spuren des Piraten - Lungomare Bike Hotel
140 km / 2.290 hm
Traccia Gravel - Lungomare Bike Hotel

Traccia Gravel Lungomare Bike Hotel

86 km / 890 hm
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