The successful road bike holiday – for every level

Road biking isn’t just road biking – Of course, it’s fundamentally “just” about pedalling and maybe conquering a pass road or leaving the winding roads behind you – but coordination is just as important as fitness and this can be developed. So: which level will you choose?

Road bike holiday to suit your taste: choose your road bike level

Level: beginner

Level: beginner

Do you want to try out road biking but are still at the start of your road bike career? If there are a few gaps in your cycling technique and fitness, you’ve come to the right place – find tours for beginners!

Road biking for beginners

Level: ambitious

Have you mastered road biking without having to think about it and have already clocked up a few altitude metres? Then you’re guaranteed to find the right tours for your ability level here.

Road biking for ambitious cyclists

Level: expert

Do you love lengthy tours? Can you never have enough pass roads and altitude metres? Then you’ll find here road bike tours that are ideal for “mountain goats” and those who like to “feel the burn” among you!

Road biking for experts

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