Road bike holiday in Slovenia

Slovenia is not yet well known as holiday destination – especially when it comes to road bike holidays in the Alps. But this is exactly what makes this country so attractive. Here you will still find many places with no tourists. There is hardly any traffic on the roads and you can choose from many different tours. The landscape of Slovenia is really extraordinarily beautiful, and if you like clocking up altitude metres, then you will get here what your heart desires.

The Slovenian Alps are a true natural paradise. The diverse landscape offers one highlight after another on your tours. The close proximity to Carinthia and Italy makes it possible to choose from a huge selection of cross-border tours full variety.



Bled, in the northwest of Slovenia, does not only offer one of the country‘s most famous attractions, the region is also home of a road bike paradise with plenty of altitude metres and scenic charms.



The sun kissed vineyard landscape at the border to Italy is the perfect region for you if you like combining your road bike holiday with leisure, culture and culinary delights. Here you will find mainly leisurely tours, leading across gentle hills and offering deep insights into Slovenia’s traditions en route time and again.

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