Road biking in Slovenia

Slovenia is still largely unknown as a holiday destination but is gradually becoming a genuine alternative to busy hotspots when it comes to road biking holidays in the Alps. And that’s exactly what makes this country so charming and appealing – everything is still largely unspoilt and you’ll find many places that are free from tourists.

There is little traffic on the roads and the wealth of different tours make you want to discover more. Slovenia’s landscape is exceptionally beautiful and anyone who wants to tackle the altitude will find exactly the right road bike package!

Slovenian Alps

This region is shaped by the Karawanken and Julian Alps – so in the north you’ll find mountain passes and high-altitude tours, whereas the mountains in the west are gentler and hillier. In summary: wonderful landscapes for your road biking holiday! The highlights:

  • Bled in the Triglav National Park – a must!
  • Mild climate with a long season
  • The 3 passes tour

Racefietsvakantie in the Slovenian Alps

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