Road bike holiday in the top cycling regions of Italy

Your perfect road cycling holiday in Italy at specialized regions

Italy is one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations. But the country with its characteristic shape of a boot offers more than clichéd beach holidays at the Adriatic Sea. The north is dominated by the impressive mountain giants of the Alps, rising more than 4,000 metres up to the sky.

South Tyrol is especially known for its crisp Dolomite passes, excellent food, good wine and more than 300 days of sunshine per year. All in all, perfect conditions for your successful road bike holiday.

The Alta Badia region in South Tyrol offers in particular one thing: the most beautiful passes in the Dolomites. In part extremely challenging ascents are waiting with a very special reward: A stunning panoramic view to the UNESCO World Heritage – natural site.

The Three Peaks region in Northern Italy awaits with diverse road bike tours in a spectacular Dolomites panorama. You choose between pass tours and leisurely cycle routes leading into Austria.

The Ladin valley in the heart of the Dolomites is a unique pearl of nature and just made for road bike tours. Here, at the base of the Latemar and Rosengarten, you enjoy a natural landscape and the most beautiful Dolomite passes in combination with Italian hospitality.

The region San Vigilio Dolomites/Kronplatz is situated in the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage – natural site, the Dolomites. In the surrounding area, a dream of passes comes true for road bikers who love to clock up altitude metres and who like to feel the burning of their calf muscles.

The South Tyrolean Wine Route around Tramin and Lake Kaltern offer the perfect combination of road bike, culture and leisure holiday. Leisurely and challenging road bike tours, Italian flair and one or the other glass of good wine: this is how a road bike holiday should be.

Vinschgau is definitely worth a road bike holiday. From here you bike across the Stelvio Pass road which is one of the highest-situated accessible passes in the Alps. However, a leisurely tour along the Via Claudia Augusta is just as rewarding.

Emilia Romagna is perfect for combining your road bike holiday with a beach holiday at the Adriatic Sea. The pleasantly warm climate guarantees an extra-long road bike season. Training here is on the agenda almost all year round.

Whether spring training for clubs, guided leisure tours, triathlon or challenging marathons: Emilia Romagna convinces with its diversity. From the Adriatic coast to the Apennines, the region is a through and through fantastic area for road bikers.



In der Emilia Romagna findest du die perfekte Kombi aus aktivem Rennradurlaub und Strandurlaub an der Adria. Das angenehme, warme Klima ermöglicht eine XXL-Rennradsaison. Die Highlights dieser Gegend können sich sehen lassen:

  • Il Cippo – auf den Spuren des Piraten
  • Die Longiano – Montiano Runde
  • Die Sogliano Tour

Urbino, eine Stadt mit enormen historischen Erbe ist der ideale Ort, um eine Rennradtour zu starten. Du hast die Auswahl: Lieber Flachetappe am Meer entlang oder in Richtung Berge? Oder vielleicht Beides? Hier einige Highlights der Gegend:

  • Ein abwechslungsreiches Tourenangebot
  • Monte Carpegna
  • Entdeckungstour rund um den Montefeltro

Curvy Dolomite roads with southern flair and mild climate make Trentino a perfect road bike destination. Enjoy diverse road bike tours and Italian flair around Lake Garda.

The picturesque Lago di Levico near the spa town of Levico Terme is situated in the Sugana Valley in the east of Trentino. Because of its crisp Dolomite passes, the region is known as the indisputable pass Eldorado of the Southern Dolomites and delights with stunning panoramas.

The northern part of Lake Garda promises Italian flair as well as alpine atmosphere. Because of its long road bike season, the region is perfect for the first training kilometres of the year.



Veneto is situated in Northern Italy and is part of the country’s most diverse region. Here you bike from the passes of the Dolomites to the coast of the Italian Adriatic Sea. Perfect for a multi-faceted road bike holiday.



Cortina d’Ampezzo is surrounded by the stunning peaks of the Dolomites. Thus, it is the perfect starting point for road bike tours on challenging pass roads.

The idyllic mountain village of Arabba is situated in 1,600 metres above sea level in the heart of the Dolomites. Top-class altitude training and tours with over 2,000 altitude metres are waiting for you on the most famous Dolomite passes.

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Active holiday on road bike through Italy

On your road bike tours, you will find sweat-inducing pass roads with many altitude metres and an amazing Dolomite panorama. The landscape changes to gentle hills further south and scores with an all-year warm climate and white beaches. Our road bike regions are perfect for your season start and end.

Italy offers quite something in terms of scenery and culture - over 50 different UNESCO World Heritage sites on Italian territory speak for themselves. Even though the country’s individual road bike regions couldn’t be more different, they have some things in common: the typical Mediterranean flair, plenty of Dolce Vita, tasty food and of course excellent wine!

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