Koper in Istrien

Road Cycling Holiday in Slovenian Istria Road cycling and gravel biking by the sea

Between sea and karst

In Slovenian Istria, contrasts meet. Road bike tours lead from the gentle Mediterranean over nature reserves with imposing forests and extraordinary lakes in the hinterland. With a mild climate, the route passes by traditional salt pans to the rugged karst escarpment, which shapes the landscape as much as the northern Adriatic. Just 30 km from the coast, it goes up over 1,000 m – with views over the entire road cycling region.

And afterwards? This small, special piece of the Mediterranean awaits with Istrian architecture, Mediterranean specialties, and great hospitality. A road cycling holiday in Slovenian Istria tastes like the sea and is guaranteed never to be boring!

Rennradtour nach Socerb

Highlights for your road cycling holiday in Slovenian Istria

  • Cross-border road bike & gravel tours to Croatia & Italy
  • Škocjanski zatok Nature Reserve
  • From the Istrian Mediterranean coast on a detour to Trieste

1 Roadbike accomodation in Istria

Hotel Vila Robida

Hotel Vila Robida  Road bike hotel in Crni Kal / Slovenia / Slovenia

from € 50,00 p.P.

Road bike tours in Istria

Triest Straße durch Slowenien – Buzet Runde vom Vila Robida - Hotel Vila Robida
93 km / 1.570 hm

Road bike holiday: Slovenia


This region is shaped by the Karawanken and Julian Alps – so in the north you’ll find mountain passes and high-altitude tours, whereas the mountains in the west are gentler and hillier. In summary: wonderful landscapes for your road biking holiday! The highlights:

  • Bled in the Triglav National Park – a must!
  • Mild climate with a long season
  • The 3 passes tour

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