Rennrad Urlaub in der Buckligen Welt

Road bike holidays in the Bucklige Welt in the Vienna Alps Road bike region in Lower Austria / Austria

The “Bucklige Welt” – the name says it all

The name “Bucklige Welt“ - "hunchbacked world" is spot on. A gentle hilly landscape begins where Semmering, Rax and Schneeberg are losing height, hence the name Land of a Thousand Hills. And where there are a thousand hills, there are a thousand possibilities for road bike tours. The Lower Austria region is located at the southern outskirts of Vienna and is known as a low-traffic, diverse road bike area with stunning views.

Landscape highlights of the region Bucklige Welt

Bucklige Welt is a mix of Alpine foreland and low mountain range. But you shouldn’t underestimate the tours. With the constant up and down of the hilly landscape, you clock up quite some altitude metres. Many orchards, especially apple and pear orchards, and small, quaint villages line the routes. The Wechsel Mountains and the Semmering, with its famous Semmering railway, rise in the west and promise challenging tours.

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Road bike highlights of the region

  • Semmering Pass
  • Kühriegel
  • Schneeberg
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What does the roadbike expert say?

Andreas Ottner Landgasthof Krumbacherhof

Host Andreas works at a racy pace in the kitchen and also moves at quite some speed on his bike. Reaching almost every corner of Bucklige Welt, he likes to go on long and extensive road bike and mountain bike tours on a regular basis. It comes as no surprise that he knows the region like the back of his hand.

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Road bike hotels in the “Bucklige Welt”

Do you prefer road biking between small villages and on low-traffic side roads? Then come and discover Bucklige Welt in Lower Austria just outside Vienna. Our hotels in this road bike region offer super road bike programmes and provide top tips for road bike tours. Thanks to laundry service, repair corner, lockable bike storage room and other services, you and your road bike will not miss anything.

Landgasthof Krumbacherhof

Landgasthof Krumbacherhof  Austria / Lower Austria / Krumbach

Road bike tours in the “Bucklige Welt”

On your road bike holiday in Bucklige Welt, you are out and about in the Alpine foothills and the uplands. Given the constant uphill and downhill in the Lower Austrian hills, you clock up quite some altitude metres. Every road bike tour has its own character and different levels of difficulty. An absolute must is a tour uphill to the famous Semmering Pass, the Kühriegel and the Schneeberg.

Rennrad Tour nach 1000 jährige Linde - Landgasthof Krumbacherhof

Rennrad Tour nach 1000 jährige Linde Landgasthof Krumbacherhof

115 km / 2.420 hm
Rennradtour um die Bucklige Welt - Landgasthof Krumbacherhof

Rennradtour um die Bucklige Welt Landgasthof Krumbacherhof

158 km / 2.310 hm
Wehrkirche Hochwolkersdorf - Landgasthof Krumbacherhof

Wehrkirche Hochwolkersdorf Landgasthof Krumbacherhof

42 km / 710 hm
Gravelbiketour - Gumpoldshof Hochneunkirchen Hutwisch - Landgasthof Krumbacherhof

Gravelbiketour - Gumpoldshof... Landgasthof Krumbacherhof

37 km / 850 hm
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