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Roadbike & Sport
Roadbike & Sport
If you want to enjoy other sports activities apart from road biking, then use the extensive sports programme of our hotels.
Clubs & associations
Clubs & associations
Our hotels offer special programmes for large groups of cycle sports enthusiasts. This includes seminar rooms for presentations and analyses.
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Hotel Bären & Cafe Deli Austria / Vorarlberg / Bregenz Forest / Mellau

Road bike competence in the Hotel Bären & Cafe Deli

In our certified road bike hotel, you will meet like-minded people. We are happy to advise you and give you tips on the region Bregenz Forest and the best road bike tours in Mellau.

Josef Frick & das Bären-Team

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Hotel Bären & Cafe Deli Vorarlberg, Bregenz Forest, 6881 Mellau, Platz 66