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Border area. Gravel Tyrol.

Wildly romantic and challenging alpine tours: road bike holiday in Tyrolean Außerfern

A special region runs along the German-Bavarian border from the Zugspitze to Lech, Füssen and Oberjoch: Gravel Tyrol. The alliance between the four regions of the Lechtal valley, Reutte natural park region, Tannheim Valley and Tiroler Zugspitz Arena offers the perfect playground for your road bile holiday in Tyrolean Außerfern.

  • Tyrol’s largest gravel region offers 18 varied tours on rough and smooth terrain with a cumulative elevation gain of more than 22,000 metres and a total length of 1,000 km.
  • Set off on offroad tours and discover crystal-clear summit lakes, the Ammergau Alps and the Lech, one of Europe’s last wild rivers.
  • The Tyrolean Außerfern is extremely multifaceted: a bit kitschy on lake & alpine tours, crisp on the 6-hour valley circuit and adrenaline-packed on pass crossings.

Mountains, valleys, passes, lakes: a region made for gravel biking

The wild alpine scenery is waiting to be explored and the best way to do so is from the terrain rather than the road. Go on a gravel bike from flat terrain to the mountain region. The area around the Zugspitze and the tour of the Tannheim Valley is more challenging. The Reutte natural park region impresses with an extraordinary tour through the mystical Klause forest and along the Via Claudia Augusta Roman road to five idyllic mountain lakes.

The largest gravel region in Tyrol in Außerfern has everything you need for your road bike holiday: from wildly romantic tours to challenging alpine tours on an extensive network of trails. Discover the different characters of the four gravel regions in Tyrol – high up in the mountains and away from the normal paths.

Highlights for your gravel bike holiday in Tyrol

  • 4 regions: Lechtal valley, Reutte natural park region, Tannheim Valley and Tiroler Zugspitz Arena
  • The largest gravel bike region in Tyrol
  • 18 gravel bike tours with an interactive map
  • Over 1,000 route kilometres with a cumulative elevation gain of around 22,000 metres
  • GravelKING: three tours and four regions packed into one experience
  • Exclusive gravel bike events like the Schotterfest, Tyrolean Lech Tour and the Volkswagen R Gravelbike Experience

Gravel bike holiday: Tyrol


Tyrol has everything a biker’s heart could desire: lots of high mountains, winding pass roads and quaint villages. That’s why it’s also a popular training location for lots of professional teams. Discover Austria’s third biggest state. Here are a few highlights:

  • The Ofen Pass tour
  • The Flüela Pass
  • The large Germany tour

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