Rain in your roadbike holidays - what to do

Rain in your roadbike holidays - what to do

Rain in your holidays is very unwelcome. After all, you want to enjoy exciting tours in unknown areas under perfect conditions. A summerly downpour can be quite refreshing indeed, but continuous rainfall or even thunderstorms are undesired. To make sure your roadbike holidays don’t fall through completely, we have collected some bad-weather-advices for bikers.

Selection of the tour

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Already the selction of the right (or wrong) roadbike course influences how much fun you are going to have on your tour in the rain. Who doesn’t trust the weather should start with a shorter ride, because the risk of undercooling is less likely. You should also dispense with long downhill parts. Ideal are tours which can be shortened if necessary. The hosts in our Roadbike Holidays Hotels are happy to help with tour tips and know which courses in the area should be avoided. And there is also one positive fact about rainy weather: Most bikers prefer to stay at home – therefor roads and paths are less busy.

Equipment & Clothing

With the right equipment every tour will become a lot more comfortable. In the luggage for your next holiday belong:

  • Rain jacket & rain trousers
  • Waterproof gloves
  • A waterproof cover for your helmet
  • Overshoes to keep your feet dry

Dressing in layers offers protection in all weather conditions, it is more flexible and the risk of catching a cold is reduced.

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When it is raining there is a high risk of slipping with roadbike tyres, especially on road markings like pedestrian crossings. Manhole covers and other smooth surfaces are dangerous as well. Focusing and slower pace are the best ways to avoid falls and crashes. Especially in autumn when there are leaves on the road you should keep it slow. Rather test the braking performance carefully on slippery ground – this way you get a better feeling for the current circumstances. If the view is limited because of the heavy rain, you can easily be overlooked by drivers. Therefore you should ensure good visibility for example with reflective clothing.

Bike Maintenance

After a tour through the rain not only the bikers but also the bikes have earned a recovery. In the Roadbike Holidays Hotels guests have the possibility for using the workshop corner where they can take care of their bikes.

Alternativ programme

First things first: Nobody needs to let the rain spoil the holidays! Our advice: Choose a hotel with a wide range of activities and offers which fits your holiday planning – a lot of our Roadbike Holidays Hotels have a wellness area. Some roadbike regions offer interesting destinations and attractions. And if you want to reduce the possibility of rain – simply book a Roadbike Holidays Hotel in Spain.



With the right technique, equipment and clothing your tour will become a complete success.