Dolce Vita Style & Spa Resort Lindenhof

Lindenhof Naturns

Dolce Vita Style & Spa Resort Lindenhof

The Style & Spa Hotel Lindenhof gets every biker’s heart racing. The hotel has specialised itself on biking, and ably provides racing biking fans with everything they could want. If you have a penchant for design and good food then you will love this pleasant lifestyle resort with its 59 luxury rooms and suites.

The Beauty & Wellness facility with its marble indoor pool, panoramic outdoor pool, whirlpool, feng shui garden, as well as the Fit & Fun House offering fitness supervision provide relaxation and variety on a racing biking holiday.

Bike Highlights - Dolce Vita Style & Spa Resort Lindenhof

A team of experts puts together the ideal programme of tours. The routes which top athletes use for training, have been tested again and again. The hotel manager and founder of the hotel’s own “Ötzi Bike Academy” likes to accompany guests on tour.

  • Stelvio Pass Competition with hotel manager Joachim Nischler:
  • Pro-cycling / Storck Racing Cycle Opening, Ulle & Friends training week
  • Lake Kaltern tour with panoramic view into the Merano Basin

Do you want to discover the region offroad? As a member of Mountain Bike Holidays, the hotel is also the perfect base for mountainbikers.

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Roadbike competence in Dolce Vita Style & Spa Resort Lindenhof ****

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Dolce Vita Style & Spa Resort Lindenhof ****

South Tyrol, Italy
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Professional care, suitable tours, and great service. With the guides of the Ötzi Bike Academy, and the manager himself, enjoy the most beautiful tours in South Tyrol.

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