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Hotel Alpina pro

Austria / Tyrol / Ötztal / Sölden

Racing cyclists have found the perfect hotel in the middle of Sölden if they want to enjoy a racing cycle holiday with 4-Star comfort. This combination is waiting for racing cyclists on their cycling holidays at the Racing Cycle Hotel Alpina in Tyrol.

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Vacanza in bicicletta da corsa sulle Alpi o meglio nelle regioni meridionali?

The hotels of Roadbike Holidays have got together to meet your racing cycle holiday requirements and to provide racing cycle competence at the highest level.

Here you find specialised hotels which aim to provide satisfaction during your Roadbike holiday. TOP quality offer also the Roadbike Holidays hotel services which are checked on a regular basis.

The hoteliers of Roadbike Holidays are experts when it comes to racing cycling. They know that there is not a single offer that meets all the requirements. Everyone is just as different as the individual requirements and the personal expectations when thinking about a racing cycle holiday in Austria, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland or Spain.

Well-trained athletes and the relaxation-oriented, pass enthusiasts and triathletes, entire families which are completely dedicated to cycling sports, clubs and cyclists who also appreciate the mountain bike – all meet at the hotels of Roadbike Holidays in popular cycling sports regions.