Roadbike Holidays Country: Ötztal Austria

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Hotel Alpina Sölden

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Tyrol, Austria

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Roadbike highlights

  • Rettenbachferner: The highest place in the Alps reachable on a racing bike (2670 m)
  • Ötztaler bike sport camp: Racing biking with professional guides Wolfgang Fasching, Christoph Strasser, Franz Venier and Gerrit Glomser
  • Ötztaler cycle marathon: Tens of thousands try each year to get one of the much sought-after starting places in this extremely difficult marathon

Roadbike holidays in Ötztal

Bike season

July - September

The mild summer months are ideal for racing biking in the Ötztal thanks to its high alpine location.

Racing biking in the Ötztal
The high Alpine beauty of the Ötztal in Tyrol is hard to beat. The steep flanks of the mountains and the challenging mountain pass roads up to the Rettenbachferner and the Timmelsjoch send a clear message: don’t try and look for relaxing, leisure tours here. But this is exactly the appeal of the Ötztal.

Racing biking in the Ötztal in Tyrol
Difficult tours with steep ascents are what you can generally expect. Certainly all serious racing bikers should try the climb to the Rettenbachferner. This is though a tour really only for the most hard-core amongst racing bikers. The Ötztal Glacier Road stretches for more than 30 km from Sölden to the areas of the Rettenbach and Tiefenbach glaciers.

The Glacier Road: a mixture of pleasure and hard graft
Relentless, never ending gradients of a constant 12 to 14° between the bends, the thin mountain air, and effort that takes your breath away almost result in racing bikers forgetting the spectacular views of the surrounding Ötztal Alps. But only almost! Reaching the base of the glacier, a never seen glacier panorama and – even better – a racy downhill route to Sölden await as a reward.

The Ötztal bike marathon
The highlight here is surely the annual Ötztal bike marathon. The route takes you from Sölden, over the Kühtai, Brenner, Jaufen and Timmelsjoch passes back to Sölden. Covering 238 km and 5500 vertical metres, it is the toughest racing biking challenge in the Ötztal area.

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Roadbike highlights

Events in the region


Roadbike Expert

Lukas Grüner<br />
Sölden Tourist Office

The ride up to the Rettenbachferner is a must for all ambitious racing bikers. If you like, you can also take part in the Ötztal bike Trophy race. Anyone is allowed to compete, and you can decide when your start will be. Simply take a ticket from the machine at the Gaislachkogelbahn lift, stamp it, and off you go. Then, after the exhausting ride up, get your time card stamped again in the machine at the finish, write your name and address on it and handed in at the restaurant. You can then compare your time with those of others on the Internet, and you will be entered into a draw with all of the other participants with a chance to win a racing biking holiday in the Ötztal region.

Lukas Grüner
Sölden Tourist Office