All-year racing cycling in Spain

Spain is the ideal cycle sports region for all-year road bike fun. Here you encounter racing cyclists on low-traffic roads all year round. A network of routes branching out in all directions stretches across the diverse landscape and offers a sense of achievement on many occasions for pros and ambitious beginners alike.


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Cycling regions

Whether Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Germany or Spain; Roadbike Holidays surely has a racing cycle region that suits you. These top destinations are fully dedicated to thin tyres. From alpine passes, circular tours around lakes to leisure tours or coastal roads; racing cycle rides can be fully enjoyed here.

Racing cycle tours in Austria, Switzerland and Germany lead past twinkling lakes and stunning mountain scenery. Fascinating passes and rolling hills can be found in Italy. The southern regions in Italy and Spain extend the cycling season, shorten the frosty winter and ensure that you keep your fitness at the level you are used to.

The cycling sports regions are attuned to the requirements of racing cyclists. You can expect well-asphalted roads, a perfectly devised tour programme and much more.

Apart from the ideal starting point, cyclists will also find suitable racing cycle hotels at Roadbike Holidays. We ensure that you are well looked after and all your requirements for your perfect racing cycle holidays are met at our member companies.